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What’s in a name?

I never thought much about my name until I started working in Real Estate. My name is April and I have two sisters… you guessed it May and June. We are all real estate agents at Houlihan Lawrence , in Rye New York.

April, May and June.

It started out as a joke when I would politely tell my clients that I couldn’t meet with them tomorrow to see that awesome house with the big backyard but my “colleague” May would be happy to (oh and by the way she looks like me sounds like me and dresses just like me) Sometimes they didn’t even know it wasn’t me, and even called me June the entire time. Well the truth of it is that this is actually a great thing. With the three of us working in real estate  we have everything covered and are always available. If one of us has to be in the field the others are on the computer comparing inventory or on the soccer sidelines networking.

Heres a name for you ..Rye New York  Rye Community

One of my listings in Rye…

Basically we love what we do and cannot wait to share what this special community has to offer!!!

and yes we respond to any month.


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