The internet is kinda crazy!

Lately I have been really thinking about how much, how often, and for what we use the internet. Now I am a late bloomer for sure, but bear with me.

I dont have a facebook account ( honestly because I know I would be obsessed) and I am not great at using the actual computer but I find myself on the internet A LOT.

Does everyone use the internet as much? Have you  found yourself at 10am looking at the menu of the restaurant that you are going to that night.I mean its odd that at 10am I know that I will have the Tuna Crudo (Aurora in Rye..so so good)

Aurora – Great spot – try it on Tuesdays 50% off wine!

Or have you ever put items in your shopping bags and in a very strange way you feel…like you sort of bought them…is this an embarassing overshare?

I think this shopping bag is out of my system..phew!

Anyhow the internet is amazing for real estate. ALL and I mean 100% of my customers use the internet for their real estate search. The information is really accurate and informative and its completely changed the way we look at homes.

So USE THE INTERNET! Its am amazing source for facts and figures, stats and listings.

Our all time fav real estate site! Now new and improved!!

What we will do is fill in the gap, show you the lifestyle that comes with the Sound Shore community…Rye, Harrison, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Port Chester, and everywhere in between.

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