A Bright Idea ?

Some time ago a decorator who was working with a client of mine started spilling some little secrets.  She said to use  pink light bulbs. News to me !

So I was entertaining over the holidays…once for family and once with friends..I decided to try them out in my living room. I am so glad I did.

“A secret of decorators for years has been the use of pink lightbulbs or pink silk lining in lampshades. It does wonders for the skin; makes one look baby-cheeks pretty.” – House Beautiful 

SO, here are the bulbs

                                  SoftPink-Large                   IMG_1496             SoftPink-Large

Here is the living room…needs more help than pink bulbs I know, but they did help!

IMG_1503 IMG_1500 IMG_1499 IMG_1498

Try it…affordable and easy!

Check out this excerpt from a New York Times article….

“Spurious trend stories do tend to affect behavior. Indeed, Tom Scheerer, a decorator who lives in New York and Paris, which is two years into its incandescent phase-out, was incited to buy a car trunk full of G.E. soft-white 100-watt bulbs from a True Value hardware store in Sag Harbor, N.Y., a few weeks ago, when this reporter asked him if he was stockpiling.

“Already in France, I can’t get a pink bulb,” he said.

Other hoarders are hiding their behavior. David Brooks, who owns Just Bulbs on East 60th Street, said he has a customer in Tennessee who is buying up 60- and 100-watt soft-pink incandescent bulbs from G.E. and Sylvania for her three houses. Initially, she ordered 432 bulbs for each house, he said. Then she ordered another 1,000.”

I am not the only one a little obsessed with bulbs these days…but 1000 of them?

Send us your Bright Ideas…

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