Baby its cold outside

The bad news is we are in for a long winter, the good news is we’ve got some great spots to grab a warm cozy cup of coffee or have a romantic bite by the fireplace.

In Larchmont hit Stanz..everything is awsome.  It can get really crowded, an issue at busy times.  Go a little off of the peak times and you are good.  Great coffee…amazing breakfast and lunch…good and cozy.

Not to be missed. I love breakfast...June is a lunch lover
Not to be missed. I love breakfast…June is a lunch lover!

Stanz009Simple and fresh..really one of the best in Sound Shore

Sit at the bar at Thomas Henkelmann in Greenwich…bonus its located in the Homestead Inn , maybe get the sitter to stay over!

It doesn’t get more cozy than this.

Sitting here at the bar is my favorite way to eat here.
Sitting  at the bar is my favorite way to eat here.

This room is also great for a drink…love it when the fire is roaring.

Great for a drink or a game of backgammon.
One of several fireplaces at Thomas Henkelmann.

If its cold and you need to warm up, one of our favorites is Outerluxe in Larchmont…very good.

Great outerwear brands!
Great outerwear brands!

We are lucky to have all this at our finger tips….the Sound Shore is packed with great spots to eat, meet, and treat yourself to a little something.

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