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Grieving not so sad….

Like many homeowners I noticed recently that my taxes were creeping up and I was certain my house was not at the value it once was.  Kind of an annoying pill to swallow!

Not a sure thing but worth a shot!
Not a sure thing but worth a shot!

So I enlisted the help of Jim Simmons of GMS Associates…boy am I glad I did.  We were able to get our taxes grieved by about %13 …not bad right?  Now you can only do this at certain points in the year. Usually in June. Get on it now or at least soon, maybe you can save some on taxes and make your house more appealing to a buyer.


Work with a professional and follow their lead, you will need an appraisal (they will give you a referral) and go from there…good luck.

“I will share an example of how frustrating it is:

There’s a house in Port Chester, 2400 SqFt, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, built in 1995 asking $480,000.  Great condition, great space, great price.  On a price per square feet basis, best value in town.  The home has been listed with 4 different agents and has not sold.  The issue?   Taxes are $15,000.  The town has the house assessed at $689,000. If the house can’t sell at $480,000, then logic says that the fair market value of the home is less than that, right? So where did the town come up with $689,000 and why don’t they lower automatically the same way they raised it automatically?”

GMS Associates

Jim Simmons 

122 Field Point Drive

Irvington , New York 10533

(914) 591 4111

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