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Sucker for Succulents

So like a lot of you I have been seeing succulents all over the place, in magazines and storefronts. My mother in law has some fantastic planters filled with succulents, now she has a major green thumb so I was scared to try them on my own. I am so glad I did.

Succulents can grow in almost any container and there are so many varieties to choose from. All of them do not like a lot of water, but they do love indirect, bright sunlight. They don’t even need a lot of soil to thrive. So here is what I did….

I happened to be at West Elm in Scarsdale….they have a terrific set up.  All the plants, soil, rocks and a ton of great vessels to put them in.  You can take it all home and play or do what I did and ask a salesperson to help and do it right there in the store.  Here is a smidge of what they have at West Elm .

They really have a lot more color than you think.
They really have a lot more color than you think.

I love that there are so many ways to display your succulents…McArdles in Greenwich has some amazing pre-made Terrariums and planters (the website does not do it justice)!


Look at all the fun ways you can use these…next time you are tempted to send someone an orchid try a succulent….you will definitely impress!!

Love them “floating” in water….

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