De-Clutter, Design Ideas, Kitchens

Are you Bikini Ready?

The Spring market is upon us and boy are things heating up! Here are a few ways to start DE-CLUTTERING your home and have it looking better than ever. First step, you heard me people get rid of the STUFF!

QUICK TIP: take a snapshot of your home on your phone and you will notice all the clutter building up around you


  • Rent a temporary dumpster  for your driveway or yard and PURGE! If you haven’t worn it, read it or touched it in the past six months throw it away (you wont miss it)
  • Go to staples or the container store and buy a cork board for those random pieces of paper that you just cant throw away. Invitations, receipts, tickets etc. 

  • Challenge yourself to CLEAR and I mean CLEAR your kitchen countertops. How about finding a cute candy jar or glass vase to store all those loose items you swear you use and need, lipstick, coins, pens, hair bands, the list can go on…. If its good enough to keep shouldn’t it be displayed right?   Also store unused appliances in the garage or basement you will create the look of a bigger kitchen.

  • The Garage, biggest catch-all of them all. Baby steps but use these images as inspiration!

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