Getting Bikini Ready Part Two

In the last few weeks the market has really picked up a little “spring” in it’s step. So many clients veto a house based on a drive by or picture …don’t lose out on those customers. Get your curb appeal up to par!  Jump on board whether or not you are thinking about selling….get your house bikini ready!!!

Now I am not suggesting you do all of these things, just do what works for you and your house.

1. Sandy really did a number on a lot of windows…it’s time to take care of them. I like Crystal Window Cleaning …..they also do a great job power washing…try to negotiate and get both for a good deal.

2. Paint your front door….it need not match shutters or trim…if you or your husband is handy you can change it with the season.  My friend recently did “railings” by Farrow and Ball..its a great safe color that will go with everything. I love Farrow and Ball and Fine Paints of Europe. Go GLOSSY!!!

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3. I am so adamant about shutters…they make a huge difference…subtle but unmistakable.  Get the good ones…wood and either flat panel or raised.Size them properly…the shutter should fit the window when closed …so if the window is 4ft each shutter should be 2 ft….those arched windows should not have shutters unless they have arches on  top….dont cheat, it won’t look well. Try Timberlane or locally Pratt and Deangelo.

4. Masonry, I love! It’s an investment and one that will pay off.  Love the driveway curbing or apron, ask for a herringbone pattern or try fieldstone or a planking pattern. Head to Bedford Stone they have a great selection, and fantastic display area for ideas. My mason is Mike Antolino (914 906 8056)….not the cheapest but he is one of the best.

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Next week we are going to dish about planters !

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