Get your shine on!

So I was in a house today and there was a lot of shine and lacquer and lucite….and NO, NO, NO  it was not too much! It was AMAZING! We should all explore adding a little or a lot of shine in our homes.

June and I recently did a little experiment with a coffee table.  She had a table and loved the shape and size of it, but the finish was boring. So we decide to try something. We took the table to our local auto body shop (Adelhpi in Harrison.)…they thought we were nuts! However we asked them to spray it like a car finish, a high gloss, durable finish. We chose a deep purple…the table looks amazing.  It was totally transformed.

There are lots of ways to add some shine…here are just a few

Paint just the trim in a room or closet, or mudroom …

Use the highest gloss you can find!
Use the highest gloss you can find!

Try a patent leather ottoman , or accent chair! High shine for sure!

The whole room is my fav every time!

Whats not to love!
Whats not to love!It must be hand painted with a brush…lots of coats!

Locally hit West Elm for a lacquered parsons table, or Crate and Barrel for some lucite nesting tables!

Phillip Jeffries has some amazing papers…to many to get into here! Head to HOMEWORKS and look at the books.  I saw a house that used this paper on just the ceiling…it reflected the light and looked very cool…and it was only done in white..imagne a great color!

phillip jefferies

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