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Where do you grocery shop?

One of the most common questions I get post closing from clients is, where do I do my grocery shopping. Many of them are coming from the city where they have places like Citarella, Zabar’s, Gourmet Garage  and Fairway a few steps away. We have some great markets as well!

I find myself at the grocery store a few times a week. Like most busy moms, it seems you can’t find all you need to please your family in one stop. 

Trader Joe’s is no secret to anyone. They just expanded the Larchmont store and now it has a larger selection.  I always love looking at other people’s carts there to see what they like. I saw a woman next to me with a gourmet pesto pizza and I  bought it and ….yum!  A friend also recently brought me a few a large dark chocolate and sea salt candy bars as a hostess that she wrapped in twine and brown paper bag , and I have been loving them a little too much! June turned me onto the frozen light mac and cheese and the baby frozen gyoza which I buy almost every time I go.

Oh and the amazing Trader Joe’s floral department….. I always stop here to get fresh flowers for my listings


I fill in the big items like wheat thins and fruit loops at Stop and Shop in Port Chester about once a month and always an obligatory spend at Whole Foods(Coming soon to Port Chester) where even fava beans look good. This was all true UNTIL  the new DeCicco’s  opened in Harrison.

Love the cheese selection!
Love the cheese selection!

It is a small-scale grocery store with the gourmet aspect of Whole Foods and a Citarella but also with the every day name brands like Cape Cod Potato chips and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. It is so clean and the people who work there seem to know about every item in the whole store.

They have a cheese section that is amazing and the man who works behind the counter recently gave me a “naked gouda” that melted in my mouth. They also sell the all so ever important Fig Spread which May’s husband jokes that we would never have a party without. Pop in for sure.

Oh and last but not least, you have to check out the “pickle man” at the Rye Farmers market on Sundays. He has all sorts of pickles, jardiniere and roasted sweet peppers which I add to salads or a sandwich, gives it that extra kick. Be sure to stop by and see the “pickle man” at your local Rye or Larchmont Farmers market soon, they will be back in action now that its getting warmer.


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