Party like its your Birthday

So as another Birthday rears its head on me I cant help but think of what fun planning a big birthday celebration would be.  Now, I am not hitting any milestones this year…but lots of others are! We are really lucky around here to have some great options for the big birthday event or any other celebration!

Recently a friend had a private party at Tarry Market...NOT Tarrry Lodge but right in the market among the food and cheese counters…its was rustic and very cool. Totally an unexpected venue. Great for the big 4-0!

Very cool atmosphere!

tarry 2

I have been dying to try Glenmere Mansion…my initial reports are that it is ultra fancy and totally decadent. It’s close enough for an overnight.  Be prepared to relax at the amazing spa, eat great food, and put a dent in your wallet. From what I hear its worth it! Hint hint I would love to try it out…hopefully I will report back soon.

A great girls night bday dinner try Harvest on Greenwich Ave.  Typically I don’t head to Greenwich for restaurants, I find the best ones are right here in Westchester…however Harverst is a great addition. Wine bar and a full menu. Try it!

Headed tonight for my Birthday!
Headed tonight for my Birthday!

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