Clever ideas

Some if us dont have enough closet space, lets face it none of us have enough storage space.  I saw two very clever solutions to common problems this week while showing houses.  I am not creative at all so these gals really mpressed me

In the first house the homeowner used bags:

  1. Choose a color for each child or family member

  2.  Order canvas totes with actvty words on it “skating” tennis, beach etc. Try LL-Bean or Lands End

  3. Store all the items for that activity in the bag…grab them as you run out the door!

  4.  When not in season the whole bag gets stored….very simple!

llbean 200908-a-ll-bean-tote

The second was the” Mom Garage”….one whole wall of the garage was set up with cubbies and shelvng.  Makes up for a small or non existent mudroom!








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