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Tag Sale


Last year around this time my neighbor and I decided to have a Tag Sale.  After trying unsuccessfully to hire a company to help us we decided to go at it alone.  We spent some time hitting other tag sales to see what was being sold and to check out pricing strategies. The research was actually fun! It’s a great way to clear out your clutter and make a few bucks.

Here is what you do:

1.Go through your house top to bottom and take EVERYTHING OUT … people actually buy it all!!
2. Get supplies – sticker labels, cash box, signs, change, rent a few tables
3. Price your items….half of original value to start…as the day goes on slash prices
4 ADVERTISE – local paper, Craig’s List, and GS Air or other another APP

CR tag sale 3

Here are a few tips I wish we had:

1. Big furniture dd not sell very well
2. Be tough…some of these people are pros…the early birds are all in this for a living
3. Organize
4. Dont be afraid to break up a set…we found this out the hard way.
5. Have one tough negotiator…my partner was ….she was really tough, and it paid off.
6. Line up a service or friend to come at the end of the day and take all that is left.  We both told our friends, gardeners, babysitters, to come at 5 and everything was free…the place cleared out in 30 min! No clean up!!

tag sale 2

Have fun….we did…we still have great stories about all the characters that showed up, and to boot we made a bunch of money.  I also have another career lined up if need be.

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