Fathers Day Favorites…with a TWIST!

A lot of Dads like the same thing year after year…I know mine does, and so does my husband.  A shirt, a good BBQ, or a tie.  Here are a few different takes on the norm.  I know how particular our men can be!

Pat La Frieda Burgers – I get mine at Tarry Market…the deal is they should never be frozen.  I am a believer…they are way way better than a plain old hamburger



We are seeing lots and lots of amazing outdoor spaces that dad would love to have…BBQ, relax, or entertain.


The must have for DAD!
The must have for DAD!
“SGB announces the launching of B. Draddy for Summer ’13. Summit Golf Brands has announced that they will launch a new lifestyle presentation under the name B. Draddy, reflecting the vision of their Creative Director, Billy Draddy. The inaugural season will feature numerous polo shirts  and  a couple of shorts that will cover most of a man’s weekend wardrobe needs. Targeted to the club set, it will be a more relaxed yet refined presentation then anything seen in the market.”

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