House of Grey

Grey has sort of been an “in” color for a few years now.  It’s a prefect neutral and goes with almost any accent color. I am  loving it with some darker greens or navy! So great looking.

Try using “Plummett” by Farrow and Ball for some Grey Shutters or a front door, as always HIGH GLOSS

Here it is in a modern front hall, I mean who wouldn’t want to walk into this everyday?

This new line of Stanton nylon carpets is amazing!! The greys are very relevant and our carpet guy keeps insisting they are not nylon….he was shocked.  The price point is terrific and they are super durable and easy to clean!  April is using one on her front stairs now… cant wait to see how it turns out, stay tuned for a pic…..

Love this idea of shifting away from all of the geometric patterns everyone is using

June’s just waiting for one more big spill on her carpet to order this

“Shaggy Kasbah”

Grey Marble is a hit as well…..try a very vainy Carrera


and three of these please?!?!?!!?

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