So here it is I LIKE the show….I LOVE the house. I mean who wouldn’t? Truth be told I favor anything and everything that is set in the Hamptons, but this is a real gem!


I love the detail of these transoms and windows! Will someone please use black windows, no regrets for sure!

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The woodwork, and material selection of this house is so great! I would love to have dinner with the whole gang in this dining room. The glass table with simple slip covered chairs is so casual and chic!
The real house is apprently not even in the Hamptons, but in North Carolina.
The real house is apparently not even in the Hamptons, but in North Carolina.
The front foyer is grand yet comfortable!
stairs 120726-img-otrc-chandelier
Some say they based the house on a design by Peter Cook (Christie Brinkley’s ex) and added some features to create Grayson Manor…but the house as we see it is a set.

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