We know it seems far off… BUT Thanksgiving is actually around the corner. (April already signed up to bring her favorite appetizer, maybe she’ll share the recipe??)

So how are you setting your table?

Trader Joes in Mamaroneck has the most interesting looking pumpkins. (I can’t get enough of the white ones) They can really spice up your table and home this Fall without putting a dent in your wallet. Plus the kids think its super cool to decorate the mini pumpkins after Halloween, you will forever be the favorite host!

Some inspiration for your table….

8883c2a6 white-pumpkin


4ccd69f707204f28ee236d31685c67be 62439964d157a679d787bd22d402ecac



Seriously, how chic? And you don’t even have to paint them!!!!!

Please share your ideas and win something super cool from the 456!!!

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