Nina Draddy Design


Longtime Rye resident, lover of fashion and mother to four boys, Stylist Nina Draddy has the answers to all of your decorating woes and more. Nina has an amazing eye and can transform and update any space to meet todays demands! We caught up with the designer….


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to live in Rye?

I’ve lived in Rye for 8 years.  My husband grew up here and when it was time to leave NYC, we thought it was the perfect place to raise our family.
I was working as a clothing designer in NYC, and at some point in between having my second and third child, I decided to stay home full time.  As a creative person, that left a huge void in my life.  At the same time, I was decorating and furnishing my home and my friends were too.  I loved doing it and knew what I wanted, so I really felt that I could help guide my friends into finding their own personal style in their home, the same way I had always done in fashion.

We understand your husband is quite creative too, how does that work when it comes to your own home?

Yes, my husband is also a creative guy, he’s in the golf business, and although he definitely has an aesthetic opinion (a good one!), he leaves the home front to me.  I think at the end of the day, all a guy wants is to be comfortable in his own home.

What are your Favorite Paint Colors? What is a popular palette these days?

I’m in love with rich blues like turquoise F&B Blue Ground, deep rich blue F&B Hague Blue, and F&B Chinese Blue.  My absolute favorite trend is the dark lacquered libraries with walls and moldings and ceilings all the same color.  The result is warm, cozy, inviting and so so glam! Everybody is asking for Gray these days! The gray and white palette combo really neutralizes the space, feels restful to the eye, and is a safe backdrop for pops of accent color.

 Do you see people using the spaces in their homes differently or in new ways?

Yes, People are using their home spaces so much differently these days than in the past.  The most important room in the house is the kitchen.  Everything happens in there from meals to homework to game playing, it’s the heart of the home where families convene to do all their activities.  I see the formal living room, and especially the formal dining room having less importance.  They’re beautiful, but so under used.  And when those formal rooms are used, it can feel forced a lot of the time. Children are definitely seen and heard amongst adults, and we need spaces to accommodate all ages and all activities.
nina pic
reupholstered for a custom look, vintage Louis chair redone in aquamarine silk styled with a zebra hide pillow
What types of services do you offer as a designer?

Most jobs are somewhere in between a blank slate and a fully furnished room that needs the finishing touches. We all have stuff that needs to stay. I help edit out what should go, and accessorize to add life to a room, and of course bring in some vintage to really show some personal style. Some clients just need help in paint color selection, or design direction, or need a few pieces, whether it be a “find me a new sofa, a  cool vintage chair, or some artwork”.

For more info :nordraddy@msn.com

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