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My Remarkable Self


We had the chance to catch up with founders and directors of “My Remarkable Self” Claire Neary and Mary George. These incredible women have made it their mission to help today’s young kids become successful socially, emotionally and academically. Take a look at their website and see how they approach such important issues in our community.


Some Q/A with the founders:

We love the name, how did you come up with it? 

My Remarkable Self evolved from our desire to have a name that centered around the uniqueness and potential of each student who may be interested in our program.  We brainstormed a great deal focusing on our philosophy and mission statement.  In the end the turning point in arriving at a name that we both loved came from Mary’s long time friend, Schuyler Brown, founder of Skyelab, and trendforecaster and communications expert.

What are you most proud of since launching this amazing organization?
We are most proud of the students we have taught who come through and can stand a little taller, find a little more confidence and stronger sense of self, as well as providing connections and support amongst parents – there is no greater reward!!
Is it only for girls or do boys attend as well? 
Currently our program is only for girls although we have been frequently asked by parents to launch programs for boys as well.  That part of our program is in the future! Our Parent Support Groups, parent workshops and many of our private workshops are for parents of both girls and boys.
How do you balance your time as a working mother in such a busy community?
 The balance between being a mom and running a program is very difficult.  However we have always said family comes first and at no point do we want to jeopardize either!  We would rather build our program slowly and keep the integrity of the program while attending to the needs of our families.  We have great support at home and that counts for so much!



be sure to check out the website for more info

Ivivva &My Remarkable Self – October 3rd,  6:30-8:00pm, The Westchester Mall

Join My Remarkable Self and Ivivva as we explore Self-Esteem – Understanding Self.

The importance of understanding, cultivating and nurturing self-esteem through discussion and fun hands on activities. Girls ages 6-16

RSVP by 9/26/14 to: info@myremarkableself.com

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