*2015 Resolutions

This year we are holding each other accountable and are going to tackle our 2015 house resolutions. We will document our progress and ideas and share them right here on the blog!

April: Outfitting my closet space

Starting with the front hall where everything seems to get dropped even if it doesn’t belong. …California closets to the rescue

Modern Shaker style, black mudroom; California Closets, Twin Cities

Anytime I show a house I am always hearing “there isn’t enough closet space” SO if the small closets that you do have are organized and maximized you will be in good shape!

May: Hire a handyman for 2 days to go after all those “little” annoying things

1) Going to turn my bifold closet door into two fixed doors, simple just remove the hinge in the middle

how to turn a bi fold door into a double door, closet, doors, Before basic bi fold doorhow to turn a bi fold door into a double door, closet, doors

2) Clean window wells – the view out from the basement is not pretty

3) Power wash patio and outdoor furniture and roof in certain spots

4) Tweak all my cabinet hardware – some are loose, others sideways

5) Tie up all our loose AV wires…we got a new computer and TV for Christmas…the wires need to be hidden

6) Paint all my exterior doors to get ready for spring.

This should be doable in 2 days…

June: Exterior, Exterior, Exterior

New fence…Check

Paint and Landscaping is next on the list.

Are you liking the organic flowery feel? Or the clean boxwood look?

PRACTICAL, graphic, surprising and poetic: A good path is a garden godsend. Whether it's softening a compact, angular backyard, or wending through a sprawling rural park, a path (or two) adds a design element that delights the eye and directs the feet.


I find white houses with black front doors and herringbone pattern brick porches/walkways quite charming & classic!

SO, What’s your house resolution this year?

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