The Mule is back

Not sure if it was ever “out” but the Moscow Mule is everywhere. The versatility of this cocktail makes it truly an all-weather beverage. It’s great in fall with apple cider and peach in the summer.


The Classic:


1 half lime

2 ounces vodka

4 to 6 ounces ginger beer, preferably Goslings or Fever Tree


Squeeze lime into  glass (or copper mug) and drop in half lime. Add 2 or 3 large ice cubes, then pour in the vodka and fill with cold ginger beer. Serve with a stirring rod.

The cup:  A MUST HAVE!! 

Great gift idea…..

Mel and Rose offers these kits….


Or make your own…. Here is what you will need…

ginger beer
Moscow Mule mug
container large enough to hold all items (TJ Max and Home Goods are good stores to check out for boxes)


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