Farm to table talk…

We usually stay in the Sound Shore neck of the woods but our friends over at Herd posted this and we loved it…

Farm to Table Talk | A Chef’s Journey North To Farm And Forage

With the advent of tremendous interest in locavore lifestyles and sustainably-sourced cuisine, Millbrook agents Bill Bonecutter and Ann Dyal created Farm To Table Talk, a public radio program educating and advocating artisan enterprise and mindful “agri-ventures” north of New York City.

Presented by Bill Bonecutter Ann Dyal

In search of serenity, a New York City pastry chef hung up her toque and headed north for produce-growing, ramp-foraging solace and a renewed quality of life.

ramps5 Ramps in the wild.

Amanda Clarke felt too hot in the kitchen, arriving at the realization that living in New York City wasn’t all she wanted. Growing up on a farm upstate, Amanda longed for space: a place to live, a place to walk with her dogs, a place to reconnect with the land and enjoy the changing seasons, grow gardens and orchards and keep livestock. She found the perfect property in the Dutchess County community of Wingdale, where she and her husband are happily developing a small farm, growing fruits and vegetables and canning as much as possible.

pickledrampsAmanda and Cory’s pickled ramps. Hike over to their blog, Feathers & Flannel, for the recipe.

Not to abandon her extraordinary culinary background, Amanda also now works with our friends at Crown Maple’s Madava Farms, hosting tours through the woods which this time of year highlight the ramps carpeting the forest floor. The wild onion varietal, among the most sought-after spring ingredients, was highly important to indigenous cultures as they were the first vegetable to make an appearance after the long winter. Amanda instructs visitors how to forage for ramps and other naturally growing edibles found in the region with particular attention to the proper method of harvest.

Listen on to hear Bill and Ann get the rest of Amanda’s story:

Farm to Table Talk airs Mon-Weds-Fri at 12:30pm and Sunday at 8:00am on Pawling Public Radio

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