Happening in Harrison

Say NO to a gun store in the heart of Harrison!



Dear Community Member:

Just recently, Harrison residents learned that a gun store plans to open in downtown Harrison at 261 Halstead Ave.   A gun store at this location – in the center of town, within 500 ft. of St. Gregory the Great’s Church and 1000 ft. of Parsons Elementary School – will undermine the maintenance of a Gun-Free School Zone under federal law.

Public safety should be a priority for local government, and our children are entitled to a Gun-Free School Zone as they enter and exit school.

Residents who have inquired about how and why this store is slated to open with no broad public review or hearing have been told that it is exempt from any required approval by the Mayor or Town Board. 

But it is unclear whether or not our elected leaders explored all possible measures to prevent the store from opening, and hearing from residents who do not believe a gun store should be located in or near a Gun-Free School Zone may encourage them to review this matter more carefully. 

If you agree that this is NOT an appropriate location for a gun store and would like to help find options to prevent it, please express your concerns by: 

§  Signing this petition

§  Attending the Town Board Meeting on Thursday, November 3rd at 7:30PM to make clear that this is a local priority that must be addressed by our local leaders.  

Needless to say, please be civil and constructive in your comments on social media and in any public meetings.  

Thank you in advance for your engagement and support. We are hopeful that by working together we can ensure that our community remains a safe, secure and desirable one.  

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