Get Blazin!


By now you have undoubtedly seen someone wearing a greatest blaze hat around town and wondered what the blaze is all about? Or heard the buzz about their firewood?  Well, the team behind the Greatest Blaze is amazing and their goal and message even more so……

it’s a lifestyle, it’s an experience!

“The world is busy and complicated these days. Things around us are happening so fast we sometimes forget the simpler things in life. ”

The fire wood is by far the best I have ever used! Kiln dried , clean, and bug free. Latest addition to the Blaze is the  Pinon Wood…perfect for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits!



Keep checking back with the Greatest Blaze, as there are so many new products arriving all the time.


Make sure to ask about custom crates!! Filled with goodies from all our partners including Gus’s Market in Harrison.  Personalized for mom, dad, coach, neighbor,winter theme, beach theme, the list goes on.

Realtors, The Greatest Blaze makes a great closing gift!



We think everyone should spend a little more time”blazing” !

Right now our readers will receive 10% off the first order…..call now!

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