Digital Spring Cleaning

We just did some digital Spring Cleaning and man did it feel good! While weeding through all the accounts we follow we came across our favorites and the mostly all local accounts we rely upon. {Oh and by the way they probably have no idea we even follow them ;)}

It’s quite possible that you already follow these relatable women but just in case here is a roundup of who is staying put on our social media roster. These are some accounts to follow especially if you are thinking about moving to the suburbs!


Lucy’s Garden Life– Lucy has such inspiring photographs and is very encouraging about trying your green thumbIMG_4789

Nina Draddy Design – One word to describe Nina is Chic, she has the ability to turn any space into your version of chic and instantly makes your space feel updated, clean , sophisticated and usable.IMG_4790

Emily Meszkat Design – Emily has THE best wallpaper and love that she shares her progress pics with us. We have heard her name a lot over the past year and absolutely love her aestheticIMG_4791

In My Closet Blog – Love Chrissy’s sense of style and how she so naturally mixes higher end pieces with affordable staplesIMG_4792

Manor and WoodsThey have good ideas of how to stage or rearrange your home, super helpful if you are considering selling your home anytime soonIMG_4793

Stephanie Trotta – this neutral blogger gives a sense of calm and is true to her own sense of style. Stephanie makes everything look so effortlessIMG_4794

Outdoors ContainedThey create one of a kind planters, indoor arrangements and succulents. What a great way to say thank you or just enhance your curb appeal with one of their extraordinary containersIMG_4799

Stephanie Asher –Its amazing what fresh flowers can do, Stephanie freshens up every corner of your house with her seasonal blooms and arrangements, something to consider if you are having a party or listing your home for saleimg_4787.png

Big Time Adulting – Funny as heck local mom Caitlin shows you how to keep parenting light and humorous too say the leastIMG_4795

Rere Corcoran Jewelry– Rere’s one of a kind jewelry is sure to make a statement. You’ll enjoy her inspiring creativity and the release of her new creations.IMG_4796


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