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Pick of the week…for the kids

Campaign for the Westchester Children's Museum

We have all been awaiting the opening of the Westchester Children’s Museum, and it’s finally here, right in our backyard!MAKERSPACE



The Westchester Children’s Museum is a vibrant, interactive learning space providing children, families and school groups the opportunity to nurture curiosity, enhance knowledge and ignite imagination through creative hands-on exploration. The museum is committed to broadening knowledge of the arts, the environment, multiculturalism, and the local and global communities in an educational and recreational atmosphere



The Outdoors Contained

We recently had the pleasure of meeting the ladies behind the business of the Outdoors Contained. The concept is that the Outdoors Contained will come to your house and plant your outdoor and indoor planters. They also offer watering programs. Contact them:


We asked “The Amy’s” a few questions , now meet Amy Fowle and Amy Dolan :millerspring14

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to live in Rye? AF – I am from the Midwest and landed in Rye when my husband got transferred to NY for work almost 7 years ago. We looked at a couple of towns in the area on a whirlwind weekend trip and Rye instantly felt like home.

AD – I grew up in Massachusetts and started planting and working at garden centers in high school, as well as Winston Flowers post college. I have been planting ever since. I moved from MA to NYC to Rye. I fell in love with Rye town park, and we bought our first house shortly after in Rye 9 years ago. carasum14

What is your favorite rye spot? Restaurant, park, shop etc

AF – June & Ho is my favorite spot in town. I love the culinary delights coupled with the gorgeous flowers June always has in the back. They have all of my favorite indulgences in one place. I also love taking long walks around Milton Point – to me there is nothing like being on the water. I feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful community.

AD – I love Rye for all its Natural wonders! I love Rye town park, rye nature center, but I love driving down to the fishing pier on Stuyvesant and looking at the city. Nothing like something yummy from Cornerstone and a beautiful view of NYC!


There is usually something every season that I fall in love with. Last year it was Hellebores in the spring, Pony Tail Ferns in the summer, Coleus in the fall and miniature evergreens in the winter. We go to so many great nurseries I find myself wandering and enjoying each plant or flower for what it is. Crazy enough, I find inspiration sometimes not from the plants themselves, but looking at trends in interior design. It is intermingled more than you might imagine. Flowers used to be so structured and are now going back to the very organic and wild look. Just like interior design is having a rustic push – natural elements coming to the forefront, and throwback to wallpaper and painted tile. In my mind, it all goes hand-in-hand.

AD – I follow a lot of gardening blogs and take my inspiration from some very talented landscapers and floral designers, but I like to think I have created my own style. There is something to be said for a round pot, with good drainage and creating a textural wonder with something tall, something flowing and something full and lush, add a splash of color and it is pure heaven in a pot!